The Lazy Guy's/Gal's Guide to Healthy Eating: Navigating the Office Potluck

    The Lazy Guy’s/Gal’s Guide to Healthy Eating: Navigating the Office Potluck

    Lazy Guy

    Lazy Gal

    The holiday season is upon us whether we like it or not. A series of office-related holiday feasts filled with tantalizing calorie-laden dishes. Knowing that the average weight gain of 2 pounds is typical over the holidays doesn’t help matters. Plus, most of the added 2 pounds has been shown to stay on permanently. Meaning in 5 to 10 years you could be 10-20 pounds heavier than you are right now. What do you do?

    The Lazy Guy and Gal to the rescue! Here are 3 effective tips for avoiding this from happening to you in the workplace (or any place for that matter).

    1. Never show up to a potluck hungry. Period. To avoid this, especially in the workplace, make plans ahead of time to pack a filling, healthy snack to eat right before you attend the potluck. Try packing a cooked potato (russet, yellow, red or sweet) with your favorite mustard, ketchup, salsa or seasoning and eating that right before. You could also try an apple or two. It has been shown that apples and potatoes are excellent foods to stave off cravings and hunger. Filled with fiber and packed with nutrients they will keep you full which helps you make wise food decisions.

    2. Make a dish for the potluck that you know you can eat AND is good for you. This could be a chili, salad, main dish, or a healthy dessert. Lazy Guy and Gal have done this on a regular basis and it works! Plus, you can use this tip for events outside of work as well. Coming prepared with food you can eat plus hopefully helping someone else eat a little healthier is a double win.

    3. Scan the spread before you put anything on your plate. Perusing before you imbibe just makes good sense. Focus on the foods that still look like themselves and haven’t been modified with frying, sauces or cheeses. By this we mean fresh fruits and veggies. If they have a veggie and/or fruit platter make a mental note to fill your plate with those foods first. If not , then the second best choices are less complex foods but maybe not as healthy. An example would be tortilla chips and salsa, crusty breads, olives, pickles, and crackers. Avoid the cheeses and creamy dips. Hummus and guacamole are better selections and can stave off your hunger. Besides, you can always wait until you get home to eat a real healthy meal right? Lazy Guy and Gal gives that a two thumbs up!

    The Lazy Guy and Gal say “Happy holiday eating!”