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    Quick & Easy: Forks Over Knives Bowl & Garden Greens

    Updated: Mar 11

    There are those times when no matter how much you prepare you are just unprepared. This time just happened. We came back from traveling to a house devoid of any food that could be readily cooked. At least that was what I thought. I started to think that maybe I should just order out. It wouldn't be healthy but it would still classify as plant-based. Then I remembered that I had bought a Forks Over Knives frozen bowl meal. I had just made some rice in my Instant Pot. I also had gone out to check on the status of my garden to see if it had survived our week long absence. It was thriving. My collards, kale and swiss chard was booming. My arugula was also doing well. I collected a bowl of green goodness, washed and chopped it and added it to the rice. Then I heated up the Forks Over Knives meal. Six minutes later I had me a delicious,nutritious, cell-strengthening bowl. I also added some kimchi to raise the spiciness and wholesomeness level. A little sprinkle of Eden Shake and I dove in fork first. The FOK meal is low in sodium, lots of great ingredients and has good flavor. It's a food I mark as "SAFE" and never have to worry about sneaky ingredients. I felt it definitely needed supplementation but something I will always keep in my freezer for those times that pop up unexpectedly. Not all meals have to be a rigid recipe. In fact, sometimes the best meals are a little improvisation.

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