Mindful Monday - Quiet, Slow Down & Listen

    Updated: Nov 12, 2018

    I think most of us would agree that we live in a fast-paced society. Along with that fast-paced society comes lots of choices for quick foods.

    This includes tons of fast food, pre packaged, highly processed and other unhealthy choices.

    Sometimes we put food in our mouths without really thinking about it. We eat on the run or while we work. It has been shown that when people are mindful and focus on what they are eating they tend to eat less.

    What if just for today you focused on what you were eating?

    Take a break for lunch today.

    Try these three tips for mindful eating and see if you notice a difference in what and how you eat.

    1. Quiet - Find a quiet place to eat your lunch and eat without distraction

    1. Slow - Take your time and eat your food slowly, chewing and swallowing between each bite

    2. Listen - Listen to physical hunger cues and eat only until you are full. Allow for your meal to settle so it will trigger your brain that you are done.

    This will work with anything you have for lunch. It is just to get you thinking

    about how you eat and what you eat and how you feel after doing so. The next step will be to evaluate the kinds of food you are eating. Stay tuned!