Help! I want to eat healthy but I don't know where to begin!

    Lazy Gal to the rescue!

    Lazy Guy to the rescue!

    The Lazy Guy/Gal says you have come to the right place. Nothing worse than wanting to get yourself healthy by eating a well-balanced diet and not know where to begin.

    So where do we begin? We begin with One Meal A Day. Just one meal. You can definitely do that right? You can be “crafty” and pick a different meal each day.

    For some of our unimaginative friends an example of One Meal A Day means maybe a breakfast on Monday, a dinner on Tuesday and say a lunch on Wednesday. Seems easy and straightforward. Just one meal, any meal. So now the question is what do you eat?

    Glad you asked that question? Here is a sample one week, One Meal A Day Meal Plan. Want more? Contact the Lazy Guy/Gal at We will fix you right up.

    So here are 5 days at a glance.

    Monday: Breakfast--Oatmeal with banana, berries and some walnuts. Now you can add some almond/soy/oat/hemp/rice milk…whatever is your passion…. Now one meal is taken care of for the day.

    Tuesday: Dinner—Baked sweet potato, with a special Lazy Guy/Gal filling: Filling includes black beans, mushrooms, onions and greens (kale, spinach or collard) . Use any spice you like, we prefer ours with a bit of BBQ sauce—yep you heard us, BBQ sauce. Just sauté the mushrooms, onions and greens, then add the beans and then cover with a bit of BBQ sauce…and viola’, you have your filling for your baked sweet potato.

    Wednesday: Lunch—A big salad. Not just any salad, but a whole foods, plant-based salad.

    Start with some greens like spinach, romaine, collard, kale and then some cabbage, add some cucumber, radish, some onion, add some beans (garbanzo, kidney, maybe even some black beans) add some walnuts, some carrots, tomato, broccoli…you get the picture…and then have some dressing…not your mama’s fat-ridden ranch dressing, but something much cooler, healthier and tastier.

    Greens open up your blood vessels allowing vital oxygen to your cells

    Try some Caesar dressing—load up blender with some white beans, some apple cider vinegar, some water, some garlic, Worcester sauce, some nutritional yeast and blend that sucker, now you have a fat free healthy and creamy dressing.

    Thursday: Breakfast—Do the oatmeal again you fool, don’t over think this. But now maybe add some berries and apples, maybe some raisins and almonds, a pinch of cinnamon… done.

    Tacos are easy and can be filled with your favorites

    Friday: Dinner—Make yourself some Cauliflower and Lentil Tacos. Now don’t freak out on us on this one. Just get yourself a head of cauliflower (or a bag of frozen) and a can of lentils. Maybe an onion and some mushrooms or not. Maybe some spinach and garlic and cumin. OK. Now sauté the chopped cauliflower with the onion and mushrooms…sauté it good, making sure the cauliflower is cooked tender. Now add the lentils, don’t even drain them, just put them in with the mix you got going in the pan, add cumin and some smoked paprika. All good now. Get yourself some salsa, avocado and tortillas. Make some taco’s and enjoy.

    Now what could be easier? One Meal A Day for 5 days…once you do that, why not try one, whole food, plant-based meal every day for a week? Just baby steps, but boy will you feel good.

    Any questions? —email us—the Lazy Guy/Gal will be quick to respond.