Can An Apple A Day Get You A Bonus?

    Something as simple as eating more fruit can go a long way in the workplace

    In today's competitive work environment everyone is looking for a way to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. What if there was an easy way to keep you ahead of the game? What if the answer was at the end of your fork?

    Believe it or not, poor food choices can take you down the wrong path to success. There is growing scientific evidence that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is related to greater happiness, life satisfaction and positive effect which translates into success in the workplace. Success in the workplace leads to recognition, advancement and opportunity.

    Did you know that what you eat can affect the functioning of your brain and your whole body? If you choose healthier foods including fruits and vegetables you can be more alert, energetic and productive at work.

    There are simple things you can do to move you in the right direction.

    What if you started off your day with an assortment of fruit, oatmeal or a potato veggie scramble and brought a healthy salad or hearty vegetable soup for lunch? These foods will go a long way to increasing your brain power.

    Here are some quick tips to put into action:

    Plan Ahead - Findings indicate that if you plan out your day ahead of time you are more likely to stay on a healthy track than if you left your eating options to chance. Take some time out before the week begins to prepare your meals. Place each meal in a labeled travel container so that you can grab it and go.

    Bring Food from Home - Making healthy snacks to take to the workplace is another great tip for those in-between meal times when you need a quick pick-me-up but don't want the energy crash from processed and unhealthy choices.

    Eating Out Tips - For those out-of-office business lunches, check out restaurant menus ahead of time and select healthy options so that when you arrive hungry you are not tempted to go off track. You can even call the restaurant and speak with the chef to talk about your food needs.

    Set Yourself Up for Success - If you know you are going to a meeting where there will be food you can either eat ahead of time or bring your own. You could also speak to the person who is planning the food and see if there are healthier options for you.

    Planning and action on your part will help steer you in the direction of a more productive, creative and successful YOU which in turn might just get you the bonus you deserve.

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