Nutrition and Education

    The Eat Well Initiative

    TS Wellness helps individuals and communities develop healthy approaches to nutrition and wellness through the

    Eat Well Initiative.

     Through tailored educational programs and classes including:

    • nutritional awareness 

    • healthy cooking 

    • menu & meal planning 

    • kitchen revamping 

    • grocery store navigation 

    • travel and eating out guidelines 

    • hands on learning & team building exercises

    • mindful eating & meditation


    TS Wellness engages and equips people with the tools and skills necessary to be successful in determining and realizing their health and wellness goals.We create and design evidence-based nutrition strategies that create greater health and stronger individuals and communities.

    We Bring Expertise and a Personalized Approach to Help Individuals & Communities Achieve Their Goals

     • Our Eat Well Initiative is simple and grounded in science, identifies and prioritizes health issues such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer and works towards healing while also being proactive and focusing on prevention.


    • By listening to our clients, understanding their challenges & goals, their social issues & culture and identifying their behaviors and triggers, we apply our Eat Well Initiative that addresses critical health and wellness trade-offs such as lifestyle program versus a quick-fix initiative “du jour”.


    • Our Eat Well Initiative program can be scaled towards individuals, groups, communities including workplaces, faith-based organizations, and health & wellness facilities.

    What We Do

    Nutrition Curriculum

    • Nutrition curriculum for health and wellness


    • Education responsive to the needs of the organization


    • Wellness Blueprint based on data and analytics


    • Alignment with current Food service vendor

    Cooking and Nutrition

    • Cooking Demonstrations/ Cooking Classes


    • Employee Experience


    • Creating Desired Culture


    • Lifestyle Transformation Strategy


    • Real Food for Real People

    Nutrition Coaching

    • Individual coaching on Wellness

    • Food choices in a "hectic culture"


    • Group coaching on Health and Wellness

    More of What We Do