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     Wellness Strategy for the Workplace

    Wellness20 helps clients develop a Health and Wellness Strategy, which can help alleviate both absenteeism and presenteeism, and their related costs.


    In addition, Wellness20 will help you create an organizational culture that promotes health and wellness.


    Building a healthy organizational culture involves both the physical work structure and the employees' perception of the work environment.

    We Bring Expertise to Help Our Clients:

     • Develop a Wellness strategy grounded in evidence-based science that provides insights to create a future vision aligned to the business strategy 


    • Define a Health and Wellness Strategy that addresses the key business issues faced by organizations, such as low productivity, increased health insurance costs, “fad programs that don’t have impact”. Our Health and Wellness Strategic advisory services help organizations understand and prioritize what is the most effective approach to wellness for your organization 


    • Identify and build the required organizational attributes necessary to enable Health and Wellness to be a priority—part of the organizational culture 


    • Build an overarching Health and Wellness Roadmap, with clear milestones and analytics. We believe in outcomes.

    What We Do

    Nutrition Curriculum
    Strategic Planning

    • Health and Wellness Strategy Development

    • Strategy aligned to business and talent strategies

    • Wellness approach based upon science and "what's good for the organization"

    • Alignment with current organization strategy

    Cooking and Nutrition
    Leadership Alignment

    • Facilitated strategy planning sessions

    • Use "Design Thinking" principles to create the most effective strategy for the organization

    • Leadership Alignment

    • Real strategy based on the real world

    Nutrition Coaching
    Roadmap Development

    • Develop a Roadmap based on strategic plan

    • Focus on the top priorities, the quick wins

    • Roadmap is based upon "best practices" for high performing wellness organizations

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