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    Hey busy YOU!  Can we vent right now? 


    We don’t know about you but we were tired of either spending our money 💰 on take-out or all of our time in the kitchen.  We found that when we didn’t feel well it was hard to find the energy to create healing vegan meals. 


    We’d fall into the trap of eating typical restaurant meals filled with fat, sugar, salt, and who knows what else. We just ended up feeling even worse.  Since those foods have the strongest pull during the hectic times or when we weren’t feeling our best, it’s hard to resist!  


    Instead of looking at the why, we opted for the quick fix to getting more energy and satisfying cravings.  But why were we so tired to begin with? What did the cravings really mean? Instead of addressing the real issue, we created a spiral of:







    If you can relate to this, ask yourself, what do you think causes this cycle? Do you stop to listen to that voice, deep inside and realize what is really going on?  Or have we muted our own issues so that we can take care of others and just get it all done? How does that work long term? Eventually, something has to give, and that’s usually our health and wellbeing.




    Healthy Meal at Home?

    Who can do it faster? 

    Watch Video!

    We got so sick of being sick and tired that we chose to break through this never-ending cycle and truly feel better by changing our old patterns. We realized that the choices we make today are a result of what we will get later. Feeling crappy, tired, frustrated, and depressed was the result of our actions then.  


    We finally decided to take ownership of our choices. We figured out a way out that wasn't such a struggle.  We were more deliberate with our way forward.  We overcame the obstacles we kept putting in our way which were really just in our minds.  Once we shifted our mindset and made a commitment to what we put into our bodies we realized that the biggest obstacle was time. ⏰ So we created a simple process to do that. We outsmarted the take-out!  

    1️⃣The first step was to have control over how our food is prepared. 
    2️⃣The second step was figuring out what the heck to eat. 
    3️⃣The third step was making it easy and fast.

    We got certified in Plant-Based Nutrition and learned the practical application as well. We healed ourselves and along the way paved an easier road for you! With our combined over 20 plus years of experience, we have created a system that will cost you less than one take out meal:

    7 minute Meals for 7 days for just $7.99. If saving time ⏰ for dinner 🍽 over the course of one week, makes sense, check it out here 
    Once you sign up, you will get to share 7 dinners that take less than 7 minutes to prepare and feel better as a result. Here is a sneak peek at some of the menu:

    🥔Crispy Italian Gnocchi & Sweet Sausage
    🍠Savory Sweet Potato w/ Hummus
    🍕Everyone Gets A Pizza!


    This is a great start! With foods that will help you ease into a better version of YOU. You will be impressing friends and family with your quick skills and likely want to take it further. Just like us! That’s why we made this so cost-effective and worth your while.


    We also added some extra bonus items (first time ever!) to WOW you so much that you will want to join us on more adventures on embodying true wellness. But do it soon, because this offer will not last long!


    Click here for more details on the awesomeness!

    Share this wide and far and be the hero you are:
    😷for better health
    🌏the planet
    🦍the animals


    There is no other diet that is known to reverse common diseases, heal the planet and show compassion💚.

    Are you in!? Click HERE 

    Peas & Broccoli 🥦 
    Brooke Ali & Dr. T

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